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Crossdresser MODEL CALL Dorothy from Wizard of Oz Roleplay Fetish Movie (Dominatrix Wicked Witch)
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I have a giant hour glass and a fantasy about dressing up as a dominatrix version of the Wicked Witch of the West and capturing a crossdresser dressed up as Dorothy.

Something about the "lock her in the tower and drain her power" scene really appealed to me as a child and I'd like to do a kinky recreation of that and other scenes from the movie.

I also have a fantasy of making a little fuzzy cock-cover using fun fur and leash, then attaching it to my sissy's genitals. That way, her little cocky gets to be "Toto" (as in "I'll get you and your little cock too! Mwahahahaha!")

But what I lack is a willing sissy submissive with a Wizard of Oz costume or the willingness to get one.

I am also open to a scenario involving some special effects in which I cast an evil spell to TURN YOU INTO A GIRL... and you must "adventure" as Dorothy to reclaim your masculinity (or learn to enjoy being a sissy).

Strange, I know, but these are the kinds of fantasies that keep me up at night. :-)
Results would be shared at www.aliceinbondageland.com and also www.aliceinsissyland.com (currently a clips4sale store).

Also open to more Alice in Wonderland themed shoots and other creative, fun, authentic femdom movies. :-)


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