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Alice In Bondage Land's FemDom BDSM Movies & Adventures

Seeking BDSM Models & Enthusiasts in San Francisco, CA

15 October
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See my many kinky videos at: http://www.AliceInBondageLand.com

I try to answer every email and comment, oldest to newest, but this takes 20-30 days due to volume.

I'm a multi-faceted chameleon with a HUGE wardrobe collection, ranging from mild to very very very wild. I wear many hats and many masks. I am a very busy, dynamic woman, but there is always room for one more...

I have shot nudes in broad daylight on busy street corners in San Francisco.
I've dragged people by leashes through high class parties.

I am a skilled dominatrix and I am excellent at improvisation for live theater or video. I have taught BDSM classes at regional events in California and Oregon, on topics as broad as Feminine Dominance, Rope Bondage, Flirting 101, Strap-On Play, Anal Health, Chastity, Sissification/Crossdressing Transformation, Spanking, Reiki and Shamanism.

I've been a member of the BDSM community for 12 wonderful years of real-time full-throttle fun, mischief, wild creation and lots of art. This is a deep part of my life, not "merely" something I perform for the camera.

I am an exhibitionist; the camera enhances my experience and draws us deeper into the act of creating something incredible together. Disguises are permitted, but model releases are a necessity.

You will find me on both sides of the camera, as a full time professional artist, performer, model, photographer and videographer. I also edit all of my own videos and write all of my own copy. I am a woman of many talents, hobbies, skills and faces.

Let's collaborate!
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